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Better Than OK

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Milton Keynes


Where to start


During your first session, we will discuss some of the difficulties you’ve been having. We will explain how therapy works and begin to plan your treatment package. It is also a really good time for you to find out if you gel with your therapist and like they way we work.


We recommend starting with a 50 minute assessment.


After your assessment, we will have an idea of what you want to achieve and what is getting in the way of achieving your goals. Collaboratively, we will agree how many sessions we think you will need in order to make progress on these goals. We aim to help you in as few sessions as possible however we will work for as long as you need to reach your goals. By choosing which treatment package is right for you, you have peace of mind knowing how many weeks or months it will be until you begin to feel better than ok.


Treatment Packages


The 12 Week Programme


The 12 week programme allows you to understand your difficulties from a new perspective. Several of these sessions will be focussed on understanding why and how you are having emotional difficulties. Following this, you will have several opportunities to try out new ways of dealing with your difficulties.


The 16 Week Programme


The 16 week programme means we can go deeper into what you have experienced in your past and understand what has made you more likely to experience anxiety and depression as an adult. This makes you less vulnerable to struggling in the same way in future. With a 16 week programme, you have time to consolidate what you’ve learned by repeatedly trying out new ways of handling tricky situations. You'll also have chance to evaluate these strategies alongside your therapist and then have another go. One of the main benefits of a longer programme of treatment is the chance of the new ways you think, feel and act becoming second nature. This means, it's more likely you'll continue like this after therapy. You’ll leave therapy having practised a new way of coping with life’s ups and downs.


Friends and Family Session


Invite your friend, partner or family to come in for a session so they can support you in facing your challenges. Your therapist can help you to explain why some things seem harder for you and get them on board with helping you to make those all important changes.


"Do It With Me" Session


Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to start changing how you respond to situations that cause you anxiety or make you feel worthless. You can add a 3 hour session at any time throughout treatment so you and your therapist can face your fears together in real-world situations. For example, you might want your therapist to accompany you on that first big step speaking in front of someone, joining a new group or getting on a bus for the first time in years. This also works really well for people with OCD who might want their therapist to be with them when they first resist their compulsions.


Mid-Week Check-in


Book your therapist to call you mid-week to check-in how you’re getting on.




If you're not sure what you might want or need, don't worry. It's perfectly normal to feel confused at this stage. Feel free to give either Marion or Russ a call and they can answer any questions you might have.

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