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Better Than OK

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Milton Keynes



“I have gained a routine I am happy with, I feel as though I am back on track and it feels great! You truly are a great therapist and again I thank you very much.”



“Thank you for being so kind when I was a little overwhelmed”



“Before I went to your sessions I thought that there was just something wrong with me and that there

wasn't really anything I could do about it. Now I know I can, and have changed it!”



“I am extremely grateful for the input Marion has provided. With Anxiety and Affective Disorders on the rise it is a large burden on a GP to carry the weight of managing them. Our patients have given us excellent feedback about her work. I find the service invaluable.”

- A local GP



“I feel as though I have to thank you for all your help, time and effort. I'd also like to inform you that I'm getting along just fine these days - I'm beginning to look at the positive side of things more often.

I believe that the sessions had an impact on the way I now perceive and deal with difficult situations.”


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